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St Albans Loft Conversions (AL1): In general the most commonplace way that house-holders create some additional living space in their homes these days is by getting an extension built onto their building. This can be built on the front, the side or the back and whichever is the case you will end up increasing your home's footprint. It's possible to create much more space at a roughly similar cost converting your loft, and even better you'll not expand the footprint in the process. An additional option which might be feasible is to do a garage conversion, although this will be dependant on your having a garage to spare that you don't require for parking your car. In most cases a well built loft conversion will permit you to keep your priceless garden space, be less messy and disruptive than a traditional extension, will not need any planning permission and add a good amount of value to your property.

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Naturally the costs could determine whether or not you press ahead with your conversion and 3 or 4 aspects must be taken into consideration. Such criteria will include, the intended use of the created rooms, the dimensions and layout of your house, the amount and type of loft windows to be used and the form of loft conversion you're having. Obtain as many estimates as you can for completing your project, virtually all St Albans loft conversion companies will offer a free quote service. In 2019 the typical cost for doing a loft conversion in St Albans, should be roughly thirty thousand to forty thousand pounds, dependent on the above mentioned criteria.

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This is only intended as a rough figure, get a proper quotation before making up your mind. Each square metre of your loft conversion will cost about £1,250 for materials and construction work. On top of that, architects fees, building control fees and planning fees will add more to the final bill.

Your property in St Albans is going to go up in value as a result of a loft conversion, and you will want to find out by how much. Not everyone understands the fact that there is always a ceiling price on homes in any area of St Albans. Your home could be tricky to sell down the road if you take it above this price. This may mean that in doing a loft conversion, you are not getting good value for your money. If you have no plans to sell maybe you will still want to go ahead as what you really need is more space.

A loft conversion in St Albans will not generally need planning permission, though there are exceptions to this caveat. Before proceeding any further with your loft conversion, check with the local planning office for St Albans. Your preferred St Albans loft conversion company should be able to help you with this. The fact that you don't need planning permission doesn't mean that you do not have to abide by the relevant building regulations, which are different to planning. The local building control office is the place to get details on building regulations.

Loft Conversion in St Albans

Styles of Loft Conversion: The main types of loft conversion that you'll encounter in St Albans are: dormer loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, loft pods, roof lift loft conversions, roof light conversions and velux loft conversions.

Lots of people in St Albans choose to get a loft conversion, since by employing a scaffold, a majority of the hard work can be accomplished from outside. Any disruption inside your property, should therefore, be less than you might have envisioned. The chance to continue living normally is essential and keeping your property free from dust and mess really helps to accomplish this.

Loft Stairs St Albans

Loft Stairs St AlbansIf you do elect to get a loft conversion built on your home in St Albans you will need some good access for getting up to and down from your extra living area. This will entail installing a loft staircase or at the very least a loft ladder. There are several different loft stair designs on the market, and they're generally manufactured out of wood or metal. Which style of loft stairs you opt for might be influenced by your house's layout and shape, but it is possible to purchase them in space saving designs for added convenience or in spiral form if you prefer style and elegance. Whichever you choose, it is critical that you end up with safe, convenient access that doesn't excessively interfere with your pre-existing living area. It has to also satisfy the latest Building Regulations, providing an escape route in case there is fire. (Tags: Attic Stairs St Albans, Loft Stairs St Albans, Loft Ladders St Albans)

Mansard Loft Conversions St Albans

The Mansard method of loft conversion was first seen in around the 1600's due to a renowned French architect called Mansart. He thought it would be a handy way of creating living space which could generate a considerable level of extra living area where there previously was none. The Mansard conversion can only be utilized on roof which are pitched and additional space is created by bringing up one wall (frequently at the back of a home) and flattening out the top of the roof, and as a result creating a near box shape. The finished angle of the wall that's built up has to be a minimum of seventy two degrees. It will very often be the scenario that the wall needing to be raised is shared with a neighbour (particularly in houses that are terraced), meaning you will need your immediate neighbour's co-operation - an extra worry if you don't get along that well! (Tags: Mansard Loft Conversions St Albans, Mansard Conversions, Mansard Roof Extensions)

Dormer Windows St Albans

Dormer windows are a fantastic way to increase more light and space to a loft or attic, and similar to there being varied kinds of loft conversions in St Albans, you can also find different varieties of dormers on offer. The most popular varieties of dormer style include: gable dormers, shed dormers, hipped dormers, eyebrow dormers and flat roof dormers. The simplest of these dormers to put in and probably the most popular and widely used in St Albans would be the flat roof dormer window. This design also generates more additional space than all of the other designs, it is therefore functional as well as economical, however it may be regarded as slightly less attractive than the other options. Shed dormers are just like flat roofed dormers, providing a roof (on a single plane) inclined at an angle less than that of the house roof. Eyebrow dormers are really eye-catching in the right setting and comprise a curving roof atop a wide, low window, they have not got any straight sides. Gable dormers are more attractive with straightforward pitched roofs more suitable for older properties, gable dormers may also be referred to as gable fronted dormers ot dog-house dormers. Hipped dormers are quite eye-catching, have 3 sloping surfaces similar to the original roof, these are sometimes called hip roof dormer windows.

History of Loft Conversions

Converting Lofts St Albans HertfordshireWhile the idea of a loft conversion might appear to be a rather "British" thing, some of the first loft conversions and probably the initial ideas for upgrading such spaces started in the United States during the nineteen sixties. The precise location for this building revolution was the Soho district of New York City, where new, stylish living spaces were built by designers, artists and their like in the upper parts of neglected industrial structures. In fact those industrial buildings and areas hadn't been set aside for residential usage, and subsequently were largely illegal at the time. It was not until the early 70's that New York eventually legalized this practise, and subsequently various other sections of New York such as Tribeca, Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Manhattan jumped on the bandwagon, and "loft living" was the in thing to do for the wealthy, young and talented. In Great Britain doing a loft conversion is an appealing concept in particular in big population centres such as Manchester, London, Birmingham and Liverpool, where land is in short supply and any way to get more space without having to extend the footprint of a building is sought after.

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Some St Albans addresses serviced by St Albans loft conversion specialists: Stonecross Close, The Park, Sleapcross Gardens, Acers, The Drive, Tassell Hall, Castle Rise, Brackendene, Smallwood Close, Sopwell Lane, St Julians Road, Trowley, Bishops Garth, Clarence Road, Stanton Close, Sheepcote Lane, Stonecross, Burydell Lane, Thamesdale, Blacksmiths Row, Corinium Gate, Skys Wood Road, Burnside, Townsend Drive, Bernard Street, Cuckmans Drive, Buckwood Road, Becks Close, Thorpefield Close, Chancery Close.

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