About Us

Hi there, my name is Wayne Simpson and its great to welcome you to this site. The truth is I'm actually a landscape gardener by trade however I began having a go at designing and building websites around 8 years back. Rather a significant change you may assume however I fell into it without difficulty and now it just seems to be "what I do". While in some cases I create websites just for enjoyment, I do of course additionally try to earn a bit of cash from it (to meet the cost of hosting etc). To be honest I find it an interesting challenge, coming up with concepts and putting them into practice.

I suspect that I am not the only one to have become irked whenever viewing websites to get nonstop pop-up windows trying to sell me garbage I do not want and newsletters I would never look at, endless advertising and promotions rammed down my throat that has nothing to do with what I'm in search of, and additionally having to logon or register to achieve pretty much anything at all on most websites. I bet you feel just the same when the resultant spam emails start coming in and you have no choice but to burn up your valuable time every day redirecting this junk to the trash?

I am not actually a loft conversion specialist myself therefore please do not contact me with any queries regarding loft conversions or for quotations for loft conversion projects, the site was made to guide you through the different ways to find a trustworthy loft conversion company by yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any specific service, I have merely indicated some methods of picking one, the decision is in the end yours.

I expect to to welcome you here again in the future and cheers yet again for your visit.

Wayne Simpson