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Taverham Loft Conversions (): For the most part the most common method by which homeowners create a bit of extra living area in their houses these days is by having an extension on the structure. This can be built on the back, the side or the front and no matter what is the case you will be substantially increasing the footprint made by your home. It is possible to create more space at a similar price converting your loft, and you will not expand the footprint at all. The other option of course which could be feasible is to have a garage conversion, although this will be dependant upon your having a spare garage that you don't require for putting your car in. Generally a well built loft conversion will add a good deal of value to your property, allow you to keep your treasured garden space, be much less messy and disruptive than a typical extension and won't need any planning permission.

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You will probably be wondering what sort of costs might be involved in getting a loft conversion done. The actual costs will of course be determined by the kind of property you live in and the style of loft conversion you are having. While your planned loft conversion could cost more or less than average, the usual cost in 2019 is around £35,000. If this sounds about right to you and is within your budget you could go ahead, if not perhaps something like a garage conversion would be a better idea for you.

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When you are set on doing a loft conversion on your house in Taverham, you may already have an idea about exactly what you're intending to use that extra space for. Perhaps you're in need of another bedroom or two to accommodate your growing family, maybe you are wanting to put in an office where you can work in a relaxed and quiet setting or it might be that you like the idea of a playroom where your children can have their own quality space. Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, a loft conversion offers an ideal means by which to do this.

You should find out how much added value a loft conversion is going to generate on your property in Taverham. The houses in most neighbourhoods of Taverham will have a ceiling price. It can be difficult to sell a home that is above this ceiling figure. This could make a loft conversion a less viable project. If you are not planning to sell anytime soon, this will be less of a worry for you.

Though there are certain exceptions, loft conversions in Taverham will not need planning permission. To find out if any of these exceptions concern you, contact your local planning office before going any further. If you are concerned about doing this, ask for advice from your selected Taverham loft conversion company. Another matter that has nothing to do with planning permission is the building regulations, which you will obviously have to comply with. The building control office of your local council will be able to advise you on what is required by law.

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Types of Loft Conversion: The main kinds of loft conversion that you will come across in Taverham are: mansard loft conversions, velux loft conversions, loft pods, dormer loft conversions, roof light conversions, roof lift loft conversions and hip-to-gable loft conversions.

You may be thinking that you can't deal with the mess and disruption of this kind of extensive building work, but since most of the hard work on loft conversions can usually be achieved from the outside, this should not be an issue. This means that you will suffer significantly less disruption inside your house than would be the case with an extension. The chance to carry on normally is important and keeping your home free from dust and mess really helps to accomplish this.

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Loft Stairs TaverhamIf you decide to get a loft conversion done on your Taverham property you'll need some decent access for getting in and out of your newly found living area. This involves installing loft stairs or at least a loft ladder. You can find a variety of different loft stair designs to choose from, and they are usually made out of metal or wood. Which style of stairs you go with could be determined by the layout of your house, but you're able to obtain them in spiral form for elegance or in space saving variations for more convenience. Whatever you choose, it is important that you end up having safe, convenient access which doesn't overly interfere with your existing living area. It should also adhere to the relevant Building Regulations, and provide an escape route in case of fire.

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Dormer windows are a fantastic way to provide both space and light to your loft, and just as there are various sorts of loft conversion in Taverham, you can also find different varieties of dormer windows available. The most often seen kinds of dormer window styles include: hipped dormers, shed dormers, gable dormers, flat roof dormers and eyebrow dormers. The easiest of those to construct and maybe the most popular and frequently used in Taverham is the flat-roof dormer. This type furthermore creates the most additional space of all of the other kinds, therefore it is practical as well as cost-effective, although it is often considered less appealing than the other options. Gable dormers are more appealing with simple pitched roofs more suitable for period houses, gable dormers can also be referred to as dog-house dormer or gable fronted dormers. Eyebrow dormer windows are extremely attractive in the proper setting and consist of a curved roof topping a low, wide window, they have not got any straight sides. Shed dormers are similar to flat roof dormers, featuring a roof (single-plane) inclined at an angle less than that of the house roof. Hipped dormer windows are attractive, have 3 sloping surfaces similar to the original roof, these are sometimes called hip roof dormer windows. (Tags: Dormer Loft Conversions Taverham, Dormer Windows Taverham, Dormer Conversions Taverham)

History of Loft Conversions

Converting Lofts Taverham NorfolkAlthough doing a loft conversion may be considered very "British", the earliest loft conversions and the first ideas for upgrading lofts originated in 1960's America. The location for this brand new building revolution was the Soho district of New York, where trendy, new living environments were built by artists and designers in the upper parts of ramshackle industrial structures. In actual fact such industrial buildings and zones hadn't been allocated for this purpose, and as a result were largely illegal at that time. It was not until nineteen seventy one that New York ultimately made this practise legal, and subsequently numerous other sections of the city including Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Manhattan and Tribeca followed suit, and "loft living" was the in thing to do for the wealthy, talented and young. In Britain loft conversion is an appealing concept particularly in huge population centres such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and London, where building space is in short supply and any means by which to acquire extra liveable space without the need to extend the footprint of a structure is welcome. (Tag Cloud: Loft Conversion Origins, First Loft Conversions, History of Loft Conversions)

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A few Taverham addresses covered by Taverham loft conversion specialists: Taverham Road, Broadgate, Fir Covert Road, Shepherd Way, Tusser Road, Penn Road, Naber Furlong, Seaforth Drive, Victoria Road, St Walstan's Close, Hazel Close, Walsingham Drive, Ringland Road, Uphalle, Beechlands, Trimming Walk, Withy Way, St Edmund's Rise, Furze Lane, Camp Road, Barberry Close, Mulberry Court, Riverdene Mews, The Street, Becks Fur, Shakespeare Way, Nutwood Close, Shillgate Way.

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