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Keynsham Loft Conversions (BS31): Generally the most common way that home-owners generate some additional liveable space in their homes nowadays is by having an extension built on their property. This might be done on the side, the back or the front and no matter what holds true you will be appreciably expanding your home's footprint. It's possible to develop much more room at a similar price converting your loft, and even better you won't extend the footprint at all. The other alternative which may be feasible would be to have your garage converted, but this will be dependant upon your having a garage to spare that you don't require for your car. In most situations a well built loft conversion will add a good amount of value to your property, will not need planning permission, permit you to preserve your invaluable outside space and be much less disruptive and messy than a traditional extension.

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Needless to say the costs could determine whether you press on with your project and a few aspects must be taken into account. The final price of your loft conversion will be affected by, the form of loft conversion you are putting in, the planned use of the rooms created, the type and number of windows or skylights you need and the layout and size of the property. Many loft conversion companies in Keynsham will offer free estimates for loft conversions, so make the most of this service and get a number of estimates. The United Kingdom average cost of doing a loft conversion in 2019 is said to be between £30,000 and £40,000.

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Since there are a number of variables involved in the costs, you should only take this as a rough guideline. £1,250 per m2 is an approximate idea of the costs of materials and construction work. On top of that, building control fees, planning fees and architect fees will add more to the final bill.

Before getting too involved you must be warned that not every loft is suited to conversion. The simplest way to double check that your loft can be converted, is to contact an expert. The most critical issue is the height of your loft space because you must have a minimum height of 2.2 metres for a loft conversion. With nothing other than a ladder and measuring tape, you can scramble up into your loft and measure this yourself. An additional crucial issue is the style of roof which you've got on your property, trussed roofs are costlier to convert than those that have rafters.

A shell loft conversion is something that you could look into if you are reasonable at DIY and you are willing to take on a demanding project. This is where all of the essential structural work, including roof alterations, external doors and windows, steel beams (when needed), structural floor, staircase and dormers/mansard is undertaken. The rest of the project is left for the householder (that is to say you), so it can be completed in your own time and done to your own specifications.

Loft Conversion Keynsham

Types of Loft Conversion: The main types of loft conversion that you will come across in Keynsham are: roof lift loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, loft pods, dormer loft conversions, roof light conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions and velux loft conversions.

Householders in Keynsham are often put off doing serious renovations because they're so disruptive and messy. Loft conversions aren't so bad because the majority of the major work can be achieved working from scaffolding externally. This will be comforting for homeowners given that disruption triggers emotional stress, and we're all best off without that. It truly is a much less stressful experience when you are able carry on with your way of life as normal without having to deal with dust and mess.

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By far the least costly and disruptive type of loft conversion is a "roof light loft conversion", where it's not necessary to alter the pitch or shape of your roof. All that needs doing in this instance is putting in windows, installing an appropriate floor, and building stairs for easy access. Such conversions are appropriate only for lofts that already have sufficient roof space.

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The Mansard technique of doing a loft conversion was developed sometime during the 1600's the brainwave of a famous architect named Mansart (not Mansard). He hoped it would be a huge way of creating space that would gain a massive level of extra living area where there wasn't any before. The Mansard form of conversion is only used on roof which are pitched and space is fashioned by bringing up one wall (typically in the rear of the property) and also leveling out the roof, thus creating virtually a box shape. The created angle of the wall that is brought up must be on no less than a 72 degree slant. It's frequently the case that the wall which requires lifting is a party wall (especially with a house in a terrace), so this means that you will need your immediate neighbour's cooperation - yet another concern if you are not the best of buddies!

Dormer Windows Keynsham

Dormer windows are one of the best ways to add more light and space to your attic or loft, and just as there are various kinds of loft conversion in Keynsham, you'll also find there are a variety of dormer windows on the market. The most often seen forms of dormer window construction are: hipped dormers, flat roof dormers, gable dormers, eyebrow dormers and shed dormers. The simplest of these dormers to build and possibly the most popular and frequently used in Keynsham is the flat-roof dormer. This design furthermore creates the most additional space of all of the other types, so it is practical as well as inexpensive, although it could be viewed as less eye-catching than some of the other options. Shed dormers are similar to flat roofed dormers, having a roof (on a single plane) sloping at an angle less than that of the house roof. Eyebrow dormers are very beautiful in the right location and consist of a curved roof over a wide, low window, they don't have any straight surfaces. Gable dormer windows are considered more attractive with straightforward pitched rooves more suitable for period houses, gable dormers may also be termed dog-house dormer or gable fronted dormers. Hipped dormers are eye-catching, have three sloped surfaces much like those of the existing roof, these are sometimes called hip roof dormer windows. (Tags: Dormer Conversions Keynsham, Dormer Windows Keynsham, Dormer Loft Conversions Keynsham)

History of Loft Conversion

Whilst doing a loft conversion might be thought of as a very "British" thing, some of the earliest loft conversions and probably the initial ideas for transforming loft spaces came about in America during the Sixties. The location for this brand new building craze was the Soho district of New York City, where new, stylish living spaces were developed by artists and designers in the higher sections of run down industrial buildings. The situation was that these buildings and zones hadn't been set aside for residential usage, and as such were largely illegal at the time. It was not until the early 70's that New York City eventually legalized this practise, and after this some other districts of New York such as Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Chelsea and Manhattan joined the revolution, and "loft living" was popular for the wealthy, talented and young. In Britain converting a loft is an attractive concept particularly in big urban centres like Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester, where land is pricey and any method by which to get extra space without extending the footprint of a building is understandably sought after. (Tags: History of Loft Conversions, Loft Conversion Origins, First Loft Conversions)

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A few Keynsham locations served by Keynsham loft conversion specialists: Sunnymead, Farleigh Road, St Ladoc Road, Stirling Way, Witham Road, Holly Walk, Heathfield Close, Cross Street, Chewton Road, Summerleaze, Lays Drive, Avon Road, High Street, The Drive, Priory Road, St Keyna Road, Manor Road, St. Dunstans Close, Lytton Grove, Nunney Close, Sherwood Close, Martock Road, Chelsea Close, Torridge Road, Station Road, Ashmead Road, Lockingwell Road, Dragons Hill Gardens, Culvers Close.

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