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Portishead Loft Conversions (BS20): On the whole the commonest method by which house-holders generate some additional liveable space in their houses nowadays is by putting on an extension on the building. This might be built on the front, the side or the back and whichever may be the case you will be appreciably expanding your home's footprint. It's possible to create far more space for a comparable price converting your loft, and you won't extend the footprint at all. The other option that could be open to you is to do a garage conversion, however this will be dependant on your having a garage to spare that you don't need for your car. Typically a well built loft conversion will enable you to keep your much needed garden space, add a good amount of value to your property, be much less messy and disruptive than a traditional extension and will likely not require planning permission.

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Keeping abreast of the costs involved with a loft conversion is extremely important. This will be determined by the sort of property being worked on and the design of loft conversion required. In the UK (2019) the average cost of a loft conversion works out at about £35,000, which gives you a rough idea of the sort of costs involved. If this sort of figure is well within your budget you are good to go, if it is not realistic for you, you might need to come up with an alternative solution.

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These figures should not be taken as gospel, they're just intended as a rough guide. £1,250 per m2 is an approximate idea of the costs of building materials and construction work. As you would imagine, there are other costs to be added, such as building control fees, architect fees and planning fees.

You will want to do some research as to how much value a loft conversion is likely to add to your property in Portishead. There will likely be a price ceiling on properties in your area of Portishead. Increasing the value of your home beyond this figure could cause difficulties in selling down the road. It will come as no surprise that this will make your loft conversion less attractive. You will not have to worry too much if you have no plans to sell anytime soon.

Something that you might give some thought to if you're okay at DIY, and are keen to take on a demanding project, is to get a shell loft conversion. This is a basic loft conversion whereby all the key structural tasks are undertaken, like staircase, roof alterations, steelwork, structural floor, Velux windows and mansard/dormers. All the remaining work can then be completed by the property owner (ie you) or by your own tradesman.

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Styles of Loft Conversion: The main kinds of loft conversion that you'll come across in Portishead are: roof light conversions, dormer loft conversions, velux loft conversions, roof lift loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions and loft pods.

Homeowners in Portishead are sometimes put off carrying out major home improvements because they tend to be so messy and disruptive. Loft conversions are not such a pain as a fair amount of the structural work can be done making use of scaffolding externally. This can be reassuring for householders because chaos and disruption causes emotional stress, and we certainly all want to avoid that. It shouldn't be difficult to keep the interior of your property free from mess and dust and so keep on living as normal.

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If you'd prefer not to change the slope and shape of your roof, the perfect solution could be a "roof light loft conversion". All that needs to be done in this case is fitting an access staircase, installing an appropriate floor, and putting in skylights. Only lofts that already have adequate roof space and do not need to be extended at all, are possible candidates for roof light loft conversions.

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The Mansard form of creating a loft conversion was first seen in around the Seventeenth Century the brainwave of a French architect by the name of Mansart (not Mansard). It became a huge way of creating living space which could provide a massive magnitude of added living area where there previously was none. This sort of loft conversion is only applied to roof which are pitched and added space is fashioned by raising one of the walls (in general in the rear of the home) and also leveling out the roof, thus creating a near box appearance. The created angle of the wall that is brought up have got to be on no less than a 72 degree slant. It's very often the case that you will be looking to heighten a wall that is also your neighbour's (especially in houses that are terraced), so this means you will have to get the cooperation of your immediate neighbour - an extra concern if they are awkward to get on with!

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Converting Lofts Portishead SomersetThough doing a loft conversion may seem like a very "British" thing, some of the earliest loft conversions and maybe the first ideas for transforming such spaces came about in nineteen sixties America. The specific location of this building fad was the Soho district of New York City, where stylish, new living areas were created by designers, artists and their like in the upper sections of run down industrial properties. In actual fact those industrial buildings and areas were not set aside for this purpose, and therefore were mainly illegal at the time. It wasn't until nineteen seventy one that New York ultimately made this practise legal, and consequently several other districts of the city including Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Manhattan jumped on the bandwagon, and "loft living" was the thing to do for the young, wealthy and talented. In the UK doing a loft conversion is a desirable option in particular in large urban centres such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield, where land is at a premium and any means to develop further living space without extending the footprint of a building is welcomed.

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Some Portishead areas covered by Portishead loft conversion specialists: Charlcome Rise, Denston Drive, Pennant Place, Clapton Lane, Little Halt, Combe Fields, Channel View Crescent, Lake Road, The Deans, Seaview Road, Winford Close, Frobisher Close, Serbert Close, Burlington Road, Sheepway, King's Road, Wimbrel Avenue, Newlands Hill, Orchard Close, South Road, Meadows Close, Cotswold Close, Stafford Road, Greenfield Park, Westhill Gardens, Bladen Close, Aelfric Meadow, Tyne Grove.

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Places near Portishead include: Wraxall, Redcliff Bay, Sheepway, Shirehampton, Nailsea, Portbury, Clifton, West Hill, Easton-in-Gordano, Walton Bay, Tickenham, Clevedon, Clapton-in-Gordano, Weston-in-Gordano, Avonmouth

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