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Platt Bridge Loft Conversions (WN2): Generally speaking the commonest method by which householders generate some extra liveable space in their homes at present is by getting an extension built onto the structure. This may be added to the side, the front or the back and whatever may be the case you'll be expanding the footprint of your home. It's possible to generate much more room for a comparable cost converting your loft, and you will not extend the footprint in the process. An additional option of course that could be feasible is to have your garage converted, although this will be dependant on your having a spare garage that you don't require for putting your car in. Usually a nicely converted loft will be much less messy and disruptive than a traditional extension, add a good amount of value to your property, will likely not need planning permission and enable you to preserve your priceless garden space.

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Undoubtedly the cost may well influence your decision to press on with the project and 3 or 4 aspects must be taken into account. Among these criteria are, the dimensions and layout of the house, the type and amount of loft windows to be used, the intended use of the space created and the sort of conversion you are having done. It'll be invaluable to get several free estimates for your loft conversion, and most local loft conversion firms will provide this service. At the moment (2020) the average cost of doing a loft conversion in Platt Bridge, is around thirty thousand to forty thousand pounds, depending on the above mentioned criteria.

Loft Conversions Platt Bridge

Keep in mind this is just a national average, therefore costs may differ in the Platt Bridge area. The main costs will be construction work and materials and this approximately equates to £1,250 per m2 when this was written. On top of that, architect fees, building control fees and planning fees will contribute more to the final bill.

Bear in mind that not every loft in Platt Bridge is suitable for conversion, so this needs to be investigated. Getting someone in to guarantee your loft can be converted should be the first thing you do. The most vital issue is the height of the loft since you must have a minimum height of 2.2 metres for a loft conversion. Checking the height does not need an expert, the truth is you could quite easily do this yourself using nothing more than a tape measure and a ladder. Does your roof have trusses or rafters? You might not reckon that this is relevant but it does impact on ease and cost of the project. Converting trussed roofs is often more difficult and costlier.

One solution that you might consider is a shell loft conversion, if you are good at DIY. All the essential structural jobs, like steelwork (when needed), roofing, dormers/mansard, stairs, structural floor and skylights/windows, will be done by the contractor. The internal finishing work will be left for the client to complete to their own standards.

Loft Conversion Platt Bridge (WN2)

Kinds of Loft Conversion: The main kinds of loft conversion that you will come across in Platt Bridge are: roof light conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, velux loft conversions, dormer loft conversions, roof lift loft conversions, loft pods and mansard loft conversions.

If you choose to proceed with a project like this, you'll want to find a trustworthy contractor who is known for doing loft conversions in Platt Bridge. Word of mouth is usually best, so get recommendations from local people who have had loft conversions completed recently. An online company called Bark will help you get several free quotations, or test out others such as Rated People and Local Heroes. The more choice of contractors in the Platt Bridge area, the better.

The architectural style of your property is a key factor to think about when planning a loft conversion in Platt Bridge. Platt Bridge's architectural heritage is rich and diverse, with historic cottages and contemporary houses coexisting side by side. A local builder experienced in handling various architectural styles is crucial for a loft conversion that integrates seamlessly with the existing structure and enhances your home's overall aesthetics. They can offer design suggestions and valuable insights that will enhance the character of your home, making it a space that you truly love. Additionally, it is essential to consider local conservation guidelines and building regulations when planning a loft conversion, as preserving the heritage and charm of local communities is of paramount importance.

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Mansard Conversions

Mansard loft conversions have become a popular choice for home and property owners looking to maximise their available living area. The creation of a flat roof with a steeper angle on one side is achieved through the alteration of the sloping side of a roof in this conversion style. With its maximisation of available headroom, this design is a perfect option for low-ceiling loft spaces.

Mansard loft conversions offer an additional advantage of maximising the usable floor area by extending the walls at a steep angle. The substantial increase in living space provided by this type of loft conversion has led many home and property owners in Platt Bridge to create an additional bedroom or bathroom. Adding significant value to a property, mansard loft conversions are a popular choice for those looking to boost the value of their house.

The major structural alterations involved in a mansard conversion might require planning permission, which distinguishes it from other kinds of loft conversions. The process of obtaining all necessary permissions can be aided by a competent loft conversion company, who can also guide you through the process. The more subtle external appearance of mansard loft conversions compared to other types of loft conversion may make them a better fit for properties located in conservation areas or with limitations on roof alterations. A specialist loft conversion company can guide you through the entire process from planning to completion, providing expert advice on the practicality of a mansard loft conversion.

The Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Whilst of course there are many different ways that you can increase your property's living space, a loft conversion is certainly one of the most useful and it might be worth looking at just a few of the advantages of a loft conversion in Platt Bridge.

  1. A Loft Conversion Increases the Value of Your Home
  2. A Loft Conversion Makes Full Use of a Previously Neglected Area
  3. A Loft Conversion Can Maximise the Energy Efficiency of Your Property
  4. Carrying Out a Loft Conversion is Simpler and Less Stressful Than Moving Home
  5. Loft Conversions Can be Put to a Number of Different Uses
  6. A Loft Conversion Can Provide a Room With a View
  7. Loft Conversions Don't often Need Planning Permission
  8. Loft Conversions Come in a Wide Selection of Styles
  9. A Loft Conversion Can Bring in More Natural Daylight
  10. A Loft Conversion Will Extend Your Available Living Space

Roof Light Conversions

If you want a less disruptive and cheaper kind of conversion, the "roof light conversion" might be the answer, since adjustments to the angle and shape or the roof are not needed. Instead, it's just a case of putting in skylight windows, installing an appropriate floor, and building an access staircase. If you already have enough roof space, this might be plausible.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions Platt Bridge

There are lots of houses in Platt Bridge which have hipped roofs with inclined ends as well as sides, and these are typically semi-detached and detached properties. This puts a limit on the level of space that's readily available for a loft conversion, and a proven way to get round this is to opt for a hip-to-gable style of loft conversion, which is a clever solution to this dilemma. More space is generated by in essence changing a hip end into a gable end, because the incline is transformed into a vertical. You might even be able to do a double hip-to-gable loft conversion, if your home is a detached property in Platt Bridge, because in this situation you are likely to have a pair of hipped ends. For the most part hip to gable loft conversions fall into the "permitted developments" classification, and don't need planning permission, nonetheless you should still check with your local planning department to be on the safe side. As well as detached and semi-detached properties, end-of-terrace dwellings in Platt Bridge may also be candidates for hip to gable loft conversions if they have hipped roofs. Hip-to-gable conversions are typically approximately twenty percent more expensive that other styles of conversion, mostly because they involve a lot more structural work. A side dormer loft conversion is a less expensive alternative, but doesn't generate as much space as a hip-to-gable conversion does.

House Extensions Platt Bridge

House Extensions Platt Bridge Greater Manchester (WN2)

House Extension Platt Bridge: There are naturally other means by which to to add additional space to your home in Platt Bridge. Possibly the most common way that property owners accomplish this is with a house extension. Not all homes in Platt Bridge have enough available space for doing a house extension. You will also need to go through the stress of getting planning permission if you choose to do a house extension in Platt Bridge. All house extensions have got to have planning permission since immediate neighbours may be impacted by the end result. Usually the same building companies that do loft extensions will also do home extensions. Extending will also increase your property's footprint and the whole procedure may be messy and disruptive. A number of factors have to be looked at before pushing ahead with a home extension in Platt Bridge, they include: shared walls, rights of way, site access, the chances of flooding, demands on services, soil conditions and nearby trees. The average cost of home extensions Platt Bridge at the time of writing (2020) was around £1,500 and £2,100 per M2. Click for Platt Bridge Home Extension QUOTES

History of Loft Conversion

Converting Lofts Platt Bridge Greater Manchester

Although the process of doing a loft conversion may seem like very "British", the early loft conversions and maybe the first notions of converting such spaces came about in 1960's America. The exact location for this imaginative building phenomenon was New York's Soho district, where new, trendy living environments were built by artists and designers in the upper levels of shabby industrial buildings. In fact such zones and industrial buildings hadn't been allotted for residential purposes, and as a result were illegal at the time. It wasn't until the early 1970's when the city at long last legalized this practise, and consequently various other sections of the city including Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Tribeca and Chelsea jumped on the bandwagon, and "loft living" was the in thing to do for the talented, young and wealthy. In Britain converting a loft is an especially attractive proposition in large metropolitan areas like Sheffield, Birmingham, London and Manchester, where space is scarce and any means to achieve further liveable space without having to extend the footprint of a structure is welcome.

Cellar Conversion

Cellar Conversion Platt Bridge: A cellar conversion is another great way to add extra living area to your house. Generally, only older houses (ie: Period or Victorian properties) are appropriate for this style of conversion. In some instances you will find that there are also properties built after the war with cellars/basements which are ideal for converting. In addition to the recognizable advantage of increased space, a cellar conversion could also fix dampness troubles while increasing the worth of your property. More often than not basements/cellars are simply a waste of space with the inclination of merely using them as dumping grounds for worthless garbage. You could easily convert your cellar into a workshop, a gym or a kid's play room and make it a whole lot more than just storage. A guest room or a kitchen/dining room are amongst the other options if your basement is large enough.

Loft BUDS, Home Extension Pods and Loft Pods

Loft BUDS, Loft Pods and Home Extension Pods (01942)

If you have obtained a few estimates for a loft conversion and find that they're much too expensive for your situation a "home extension pod", "loft BUD" or "loft pod" may be far more economical. Loft pods are also commonly less troublesome to install and quicker to complete. Falling into the twenty to thirty thousand pound price bracket, makes loft pods a more affordable option for many property owners in the United Kingdom. In essence a loft pod (or BUD) is a 3m x 3m (approximately) space added to the back of a property, above the first floor. There are two alternatives with loft pod modules. They may be used independently or attached to pre-existing conversions as an additional extension. There are a wide range of uses to which a loft pod can be put such as a mini-gym, a home cinema, a playroom or a home office.

Loft Stairs

Loft Stairs Platt Bridge

Loft stairs are a fundamental element of any loft conversion in Platt Bridge, as they offer a safe and efficient way to access the newly remodelled area. Picking the right loft stairs calls for the careful consideration of multiple aspects, such as the aesthetic objectives of the property, the loft's intended purpose and the available space. There are different sorts of loft stairs available, including space-saving patterns like spiral staircases and straight flights that can be custom made to fit any style. Installing loft stairs requires deliberate planning and professional execution to guarantee compliance with the building regulations and a safe installation. It's important to work with a skilled contractor who can evaluate the space available, recommend the best sort of stairs for the project, and make sure that the staircase installation is carried out to the highest possible standard. The inclusion of the right loft stairs is crucial in converting a loft into a visually appealing and functional space that enhances the market value of the property.

There are several styles of loft stairs to choose from, and each type comes with its unique benefits and features. Below are some of the most commonly used types of loft stairs:

  • Straight flight stairs: These are the most common type of loft stairs and consist of a straight flight of stairs leading up to the loft space. They can be made from a range of materials, including wood, metal or glass.
  • Ladder stairs: These stairs are akin to a ladder and are ideal for areas where headroom is limited. They are commonly crafted from wood or metal and can be folded away when not in use.
  • Alternating tread stairs: These stairs have alternating treads that allow for a steeper angle, making them a great option for extremely restricted spaces. However, they can be more challenging to climb than traditional stairs.
  • Spiral stairs: These stairs are a great space-saving option as they take up less room than straight stairs. They can be made from a range of materials and come in a variety of styles, including contemporary and traditional.
  • Space-saving stairs: These stairs are designed to occupy minimal space and frequently feature narrow steps or alternating treads, making them an ideal solution for small or unconventional areas.
  • Modular stairs: These stairs are made up of pre-built modules that can be assembled on-site. They are simple to install and can be customized to fit any area.

Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversion Platt Bridge (WN2)

Dormer windows are among the best ways to introduce more light and space to your attic or loft, and just as there are varied forms of loft conversion in Platt Bridge, you'll also discover there are different kinds of dormers to choose from. The most popular types of dormer window designs are: hipped dormers, shed dormers, gable dormers, flat roof dormers and eyebrow dormers. The simplest of those to build and perhaps the most widely used in Platt Bridge is the flat roof dormer window. This style also generates the most additional space of all the other designs, therefore it is functional as well as cheap, although it could be thought of as less appealing than some of the alternatives. Shed dormer windows are quite similar to flat roof dormers, providing a roof (on a single plane) sloping at an angle less than that of the house roof. Eyebrow dormer windows are extremely attractive in the right setting and comprise a curved roof on top of a wide, low window, they have not got any straight sides. Gable dormers are considered more appealing with uncomplicated pitched rooves more appropriate for period properties, gable dormers are sometimes known as gable fronted dormers ot dog-house dormers. Hipped dormers are fairly eye-catching, have three sloping surfaces similar to the original roof, these can also be called hip roof dormers.

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Loft Conversion Quotes

It is crucial to secure thorough and accurate quotes for your loft conversion to successfully plan your project. Start by researching reputable loft conversion companies in your area and request detailed quotes from several providers. Confirm that the quotations include all necessary aspects, comprising materials, design, labour, permissions, and any additional services. It's recommended that you invite the loft conversion companies to visit your property for a detailed assessment before providing a quote. Set aside enough time to meticulously compare and review the estimates, taking into account the cost, quality, and reputation of each contractor. Upon compiling the quotes and diligently assessing the choices, don't hesitate to ask for references or review previous loft conversion projects executed by the companies, since this can provide a clearer picture of their workmanship and client happiness. Keep in mind that hiring the services of a dependable and well-regarded loft conversion specialist is vital for achieving a gratifying and successful outcome. (84459 - Loft Conversion Quotes Platt Bridge)

Loft Conversions Near Platt Bridge

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Platt Bridge Loft Conversion Tasks

Platt Bridge Loft Conversion Tasks

Platt Bridge loft conversion specialists will likely help with partition wall installation, loft insulation, mansion block loft conversions, loft rebuilding, bespoke loft furniture, farmhouse conversions, building control approval, shell loft conversions, Velux loft conversion, hip-to-gable loft conversion, loft ventilation, roof lift loft conversions, loft conversion plumbing in Platt Bridge, loft extension, loft conversion quotations, stairs for loft conversions, loft pods in Platt Bridge, house extensions, dormer loft conversion Platt Bridge, roofing repair or replacement, loft conversion ideas, loft repairs, soundproofing, loft conversion staircases, part-build loft conversion, loft waste removal Platt Bridge, rear dormer loft conversion in Platt Bridge, loft conversion blueprints in Platt Bridge, l-shaped loft conversions in Platt Bridge, loft surveys and other loft related work in Platt Bridge, Greater Manchester. Listed are just an example of the tasks that are undertaken by those installing loft conversion. Platt Bridge specialists will tell you about their whole range of loft conversion services.

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