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Farnborough Loft Conversions (GU14): By and large the most common way that house-holders generate some extra living area in their homes these days is by building an extension on their structure. This could be on the side, the front or the back and whatever may be the case you'll be expanding the footprint of your home. It's possible to create much more room for much the same price converting your loft, and you'll not expand the footprint in the process. Another option of course which may be possible is to have a garage conversion, although this is dependant upon your having a spare garage that you don't need for parking your car. Usually a well built loft conversion will be less messy and disruptive than a typical extension, allow you to preserve your much needed outside space, add a good deal of value to your property and will likely not need planning permission.

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Before you press on with your loft conversion in Farnborough, you've got to estimate the cost, and a few things need to be taken into account. Among these criteria are, the type and amount of windows you require, the style of conversion you're having done, the size and layout of your property and the planned use of the space created. The majority of loft conversion contractors in Farnborough offer free estimates for loft conversions, so you ought to reap the benefits of this service and get a number of quotes. The UK average cost of a loft conversion currently (2020) is thought to be between thirty thousand and forty thousand pounds.

Loft Conversions Farnborough

It might be that you are doing a loft conversion but don't yet have a clear idea about exactly what you are going to do with the extra living space, obviously there are lots of alternatives. Maybe you want to build an office where you'll be able to work in a calm and relaxed environment, perhaps you're in need of an additional bedroom or two to accommodate your growing family, or it might be that you would like to build a playroom where your kids can have their own quality space. Whether or not it's one of those uses, or some other function that you would like it to perform, a loft conversion is an ideal means by which to do it.

Before you get too excited it's best to keep in mind that not all lofts are suited to conversion. You can call a specialist in to have a look at your loft and make sure that it can in fact be converted. One factor is the height, if it's more than 2.2 metres you should be set fair. This is something that you could even check for yourself, just clamber up into your loft with a tape measure. An additional key factor is the style of roof that you have on your property, trussed roofs are costlier to convert than those that have rafters.

Property owners in Farnborough wanting to get a loft conversion, will not generally need to have planning permission, except in certain cases. Before you go any further, make sure that you consult with your local planning department. Your chosen Farnborough loft conversion company will do this on your behalf if you're jittery about interacting with council jobs worths. There are still building regulations to observe, because these have got nothing to do with planning permission. The building control office of the local council will be glad to inform you about exactly what is required by law.

Loft Conversion Farnborough (GU14)

Types of Loft Conversion: The main styles of loft conversion that you will come across in Farnborough are: loft pods, velux loft conversions, dormer loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, roof light conversions and roof lift loft conversions.

So as to turn your dream to reality, the next phase will be to seek out a local building company with a good record for accomplishing high quality loft conversions in the Farnborough region. Word of mouth is always best, so try to get recommendations from local people who've had conversions completed just recently. Have a look at your local business directory or newspaper and get a few free quotes from websites like Local Heroes or Rated People. You could also try out a site called Bark, who get in touch with local tradespeople on your behalf. The result of such research should be a useful short list of potential Farnborough loft conversion specialists from which you can make your selection.

The architectural style of your property is a key factor to consider when planning a loft conversion in Farnborough. Farnborough is home to a wide variety of architectural styles, from traditional cottages to modern houses. Working with a local building company experienced in handling different architectural styles is crucial for a loft conversion that seamlessly blends with the existing structure and enhances your home's overall appearance. They can help you design a space that complements the character of your premises, offering valuable insights and suggestions. Additionally, it is essential to consider local building regulations and conservation guidelines when planning a loft conversion, as preserving the charm and heritage of local neighbourhoods is of paramount importance.

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Home Extension Pods, Loft BUDS and Loft Pods

Loft Pods, House Extension Pods and Loft BUDS (01252)

Loft Buds Farnborough: If you have got a few quotes for loft conversions and discover they are a bit high priced for you a "loft pod", "home extension pod" or "loft BUD" may be far more affordable. Apart from the cost loft pods are also easier to construct and much less of a disruption. Falling into the twenty to thirty thousand pound price bracket, makes loft pods a more affordable choice for a lot of UK householders. In essence a loft pod (or BUD) is a 3m x 3m (roughly) module added to the rear of a house, over the first floor. There are 2 main options with loft pods (or BUDS). They can be used independently or attached to pre-existing conversions as a supplemental extension. Therefore if you're seeking to create a brand new home cinema, home office, mini-gym or playroom, a loft pod (or BUD) may be just the ticket.

Garage Conversion Farnborough

Garage Conversion Farnborough (GU14)

An alternative if your house in Farnborough is not suited to a loft conversion, a garage conversion is also a less expensive option if the cost of converting your loft is beyond you. If your garage is not currently being used, and it is a suitable building for conversion purposes, this could be a better option. If you decide that your garage in Farnborough would be suitable for conversion, it can be accomplished at around 25% of the cost of a loft conversion, and will not take so much time.

If all the construction work is internal and the structure of the garage isn't being extended, a garage conversion in Farnborough will not normally need planning permission. In conservation areas and on some newer housing developments there might be exceptions to this guideline. You ought to check with your local council planning office before continuing with a garage conversion in Farnborough. A garage conversion could add as much as 20 percent to the value of your house, so it's well worth looking into. It is likely to cause a small amount of disruption and can be completed quite swiftly. Some of the most common uses of garage conversions in Farnborough are for dining areas, granny annexes, kid's play rooms and games rooms.

Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversion Farnborough (GU14)

Dormer windows are a fantastic way to add more light and space to a attic or loft, and just as there are varied sorts of loft conversions in Farnborough, you'll also find there are a variety of dormers available. The most frequently seen varieties of dormer styles include: shed dormers, hipped dormers, flat roof dormers, eyebrow dormers and gable dormers. The easiest of these dormers to build and perhaps the most frequently used in Farnborough is the flat roofed dormer window. This design furthermore creates the most additional space of the other designs, so it is functional as well as cost-effective, though it is often thought of as less desirable than some of the other options. Gable dormers are more eye-catching with basic pitched roofs more suited to period homes, gable dormers may also be known as dog-house dormer or gable fronted dormers. Hipped dormer windows are appealing, having three sloping surfaces much like those of the existing roof, these are sometimes called hip roof dormers. Shed dormer windows resemble flat roof dormers, having a roof (on a single plane) sloping at an angle less than that of the house roof. Eyebrow dormer windows can be really attractive in the right setting and comprise a curving roof topping a low, wide window, they have not got any straight surfaces.

House Extensions Farnborough

House Extension Farnborough Hampshire (GU14)

There are of course other means by which to to add more space to your house in Farnborough. Home extensions are perhaps the most favoured way to accomplish this. Not all houses in Farnborough have enough available space for doing a home extension. They will also depend upon achieving planning permission from your local authority. Since your close neighbours are usually affected, planning permission is crucial for all home extensions. House extensions are frequently done by the same Farnborough construction firms who do loft conversions. Extending also increases the footprint of you property and the whole process is likely to be messy and disruptive. You'll have to be mindful of several points when planning a house extension in Farnborough, including: close by trees, shared walls, soil conditions, site access, demands on services, rights of way and the chances of flooding. The average cost of doing house extensions Farnborough was roughly £1,700 and £2,000 per square meter, at the time of researching this article in 2020. Click for Farnborough Home Extension QUOTES

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Farnborough

Lots of houses in Farnborough which are semi-detached or detached have got hipped roofs with sloping ends as well as sides. These types of roof have a limited amount of loft space, that can be improved by building a hip to gable loft conversion. Considerably more space is created by basically changing a hip end into a gable end, because the pitch is turned into a vertical. You might even be able to carry out a double hip-to-gable loft conversion, if your house is a detached property in Farnborough, because in such cases there is a good chance that you will have two hipped ends. Hip-to-gable conversions generally come in the "permitted developments" category, which for the most part don't require planning permission. However, to put your mind at rest, check with your local authority. If you have an end of terrace property with a hipped roof in Farnborough, you may also be in a position to do a hip-to-gable loft conversion. Hip-to-gable conversions are usually more costly than other sorts of conversion, due to the extra structural work that is required. A side dormer conversion is a more cost-effective substitute, but does not generate as much space as a hip-to-gable conversion.

Basement/Cellar Conversions

Cellar Conversion Farnborough: Another excellent way to add extra liveable space to your home is to undertake a basement or cellar conversion. Generally speaking, only older houses (ie: Victorian or period properties) are appropriate for this sort of conversion. Certain post-war homes could also be suitable and if you happen to be fortunate enough to have the luxury of a cellar, why don't you reap the benefits of it? As well as the recognizable advantage of more living space, a cellar conversion could also clear up troubles with dampness while increasing the value of your property. Much like what folks use their attics for, lots of home owners only use their basements or cellars as a dumping ground (storage) for a selection of household garbage. With a bit of investment and effort you can turn your cellar into an office, a man cave or a kid's play room. An extra bedroom or maybe even a self-contained flat are other options if you have sufficient space. (Tags: Cellar Conversion, Basement Conversions, Cellar Conversions)

Conversion Planning Permission

Planning Permission for Loft Conversions Farnborough (01252)

Loft Conversion Planning Permission Farnborough: Even though a number of conditions are linked to this kind of project, planning permission is not usually needed for a loft conversion. If the roof space has to be altered and this alteration exceeds certain limitations, planning permission will need to be applied for. Planning permission won't be needed providing the following conditions are adhered to: raised platforms, verandas and balconies are not allowed, pre-existing walls can't be overhung by any roof extension, frosted glass must be used on side-facing windows, no more than 40 m3 added space for terraced houses and 50 m3 for detached/semi-detached houses, materials employed in construction should match existing ones, the highest part of the roof should not be exceeded by an extension, as seen from the main highway no extension must exceed the height of the current roof slope. These guidelines relate to houses and not maisonettes, flats, converted houses or any other buildings. There's also specified areas where development rights are limited and exceptional planning rules apply. Therefore seek advice from your local council to determine which conditions affect your property.

Loft Stairs

Loft Stairs Farnborough

For any loft conversion project in Farnborough, installing loft stairs is vital, as they provide a secure and easy-to-use means of entry to the newly converted loft space. Selecting the best loft stairs involves evaluating several factors, including the overall appearance of the property, the available space and the loft's intended purpose. There is a variety of loft stairs on offer, ranging from space-saving styles like spiral staircases to straight flights that can be personalised to complement any design concept. Installing loft stairs requires careful planning and professional execution to guarantee their safety and compliance with building regulations. It's crucial to collaborate with a reliable contractor to assess the area, recommend the best sort of stairs for the project, and guarantee that the stair installation adheres to the highest standards. The use of appropriate loft stairs is key to turning a loft conversion into a functional and visually appealing space, ultimately adding value to the property.

There is a range of loft stairs available, and each type comes with its distinctive features and benefits. Some popular types of loft stairs include:

  • Alternating tread stairs: These stairs have alternating treads that allow for a steeper angle, making them a great option for extremely small spaces. However, they can be more difficult to climb than traditional stairs.
  • Modular stairs: These stairs are made up of pre-built modules that can be assembled on-site. They are simple to install and can be customized to fit any area.
  • Spiral stairs: Spiral stairs are a perfect space-saving option, taking up less space than straight stairs. They are available in different styles, including traditional and modern, and can be made from a range of materials.
  • Space-saving stairs: These stairs are designed to take up as little space as possible and often have alternating treads or narrow steps. They are a good option for small or awkward spaces.
  • Ladder stairs: These stairs are similar to a ladder and are a good option for spaces where there is restricted headroom. They are typically made from metal or wood and can be folded away when not in use.
  • Straight flight stairs: The primary type of loft stairs is straight flight stairs, which involve a straight set of stairs leading up to the loft area. These stairs can be fashioned from different materials, including glass, wood or metal.

The Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Whilst there are naturally a raft of different ways you can increase your property's living space, a loft conversion is without doubt among the most useful and it might be worthwhile to look at just a few of the great things about a loft conversion in Farnborough.

  1. A Loft Conversion Can Provide a Splendid Room With Attractive Views
  2. A Loft Conversion Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Property
  3. Loft Conversions Come in a Wide Range of Designs
  4. Doing a Loft Conversion is Easier and Less Stressful Than Moving Home
  5. A Loft Conversion Increases Your Available Living Space
  6. A Loft Conversion Can be Put to Many Different Uses
  7. A Loft Conversion Can Bring in More Natural Daylight
  8. Loft Conversions Often Don't Require Planning Permission
  9. A Loft Conversion Makes Use of a Previously Neglected Area
  10. A Loft Conversion Increases the Value of Your House
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Farnborough Loft Conversion Tasks

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