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Stanley Loft Conversions (DH9): In general the most popular way that house-holders generate a little extra living space in their houses these days is by getting an extension built onto the structure. This might be built on the side, the front or the back and no matter what may be the case you'll be extending your home's footprint. It is possible to create even more space at a similar price by doing a loft conversion, and you won't increase the footprint at all. The other alternative which might be feasible is to do a garage conversion, although this is dependant on your having a spare garage that is not needed for parking your car. In most instances a well built loft conversion will not need planning permission, add a good amount of value to your property, be less disruptive and messy than a conventional extension and permit you to preserve your invaluable garden space.

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When planning for a loft conversion in Stanley, you will find there are several things to be factored in when assessing the cost. Your loft conversion costs will depend on, the layout and size of your house, the conversion design you are having done, the intended use of the created room and the amount and type of loft windows to be used. You should always try to get several estimates and with luck a lot of loft conversion contractors in Stanley will give free quotations. The typical cost for doing a loft conversion currently (2019) is estimated to be between thirty thousand and forty thousand pounds, though of course will depend on the factors cited above.

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You will have an abundance of alternatives when it comes to figuring out just what to do with the newly created room you gain by having a loft conversion. Maybe you need an extra bedroom or two for your growing family, perhaps you would like to create a den where your kids can enjoy their own quality space, or it might be that you are wanting to build an office where you are able to do your work in a calm and relaxed environment. A loft conversion is without doubt an ideal way to gain that additional room, whatever you plan to use it for.

Your property in Stanley is going to rise in value as a result of a loft conversion, and you will want to find out by how much. Your neighbourhood of Stanley will likely have a ceiling price on homes. It can be difficult to sell a property that is above this ceiling figure. It will come as no surprise that this will make your loft conversion less attractive. You will not have to worry too much if you have no plans to sell anytime soon.

A loft conversion in Stanley will not generally need planning permission, though there are exceptions to this caveat. You need to check with the local planning office before you start. If you ask your selected Stanley loft conversion company, they will doubtless do this for you. Of course this does not mean that you do not have to abide by the current building regulations, which are altogether different from planning permission. So you will now have to talk to the building control office of your local authority to find out which laws you have to follow.

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Types of Loft Conversion: The main types of loft conversion that you'll encounter in Stanley are: mansard loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, loft pods, roof light conversions, dormer loft conversions, roof lift loft conversions and velux loft conversions.

One of the reasons why loft conversions are popular in Stanley, is that much of the work can be accomplished externally. This means you will have a lot less disruption inside your property than you generally would with an extension or similar. It truly is a less stressful experience when you can carry on with your day to day life normally without having to deal with dust and mess.

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Loft Stairs StanleyIf you do end up getting a loft conversion built on your home in Stanley you will need good access to get up to and down from your newly built living area. This will entail putting in a loft staircase or possibly a loft ladder. You will find a variety of different designs of loft stairs to choose from, and they're generally manufactured out of wood or metal. Which style you opt for might be influenced by the layout and shape of your house, but it's possible to get them in space saving designs for added convenience or in spiral form for more elegance and style. No matter which one you go for, you want to finish up with easy, safe access which does not excessively interfere with the existing living area. It has to also meet the latest Building Regulations, and provide an escape route if there is ever a fire. (Tags: Loft Stairs Stanley, Attic Stairs Stanley, Loft Ladders Stanley)

Mansard Conversions

The Mansard type of creating loft conversions was first used sometime in the 17th Century thanks to a little known French architect called Francois Mansart (yes Mansart not Mansard!). It became a bit of a way of creating living space which would deliver a large level of supplementary living space in an unused area. This type of conversion can only be added to roofs that are pitched and added space is fashioned by elevating one of the walls (as a rule in the rear of the house) and also flattening out that part of the roof, therefore creating an almost vertical appearance. The created angle of the wall that is raised have got to be no less than seventy two degrees. It's frequently the scenario that the wall which needs heightening is also your neighbour's (especially in houses in a terrace block), which means that you'll need your immediate neighbour's co-operation - an additional concern if you do not get on that well! (Tags: Mansard Roof Extensions, Mansard Conversions, Mansard Loft Conversions Stanley)

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are a good way to add more space and light into your loft, and just as there are varied sorts of loft conversion in Stanley, there are also a variety of dormers on offer. The most often used kinds of dormer styles include: shed dormers, eyebrow dormers, flat roof dormers, hipped dormers and gable dormers. The easiest of these dormers to put in and maybe the most widely used in Stanley would be the flat roofed dormer window. This pattern furthermore creates more additional space than all of the other kinds, making it functional as well as cost-effective, even so it may be thought of as slightly less attractive than some of the alternatives. Gable dormers tend to be more attractive with simple pitched roofs more suitable for older houses, gable dormers can also be termed gable fronted dormers ot dog-house dormers. Hipped dormers are eye-catching, having 3 sloping surfaces much the same as the original roof, these are sometimes called hip roof dormer windows. Shed dormer windows are similar to flat roof dormers, featuring a roof (single-plane) inclined at an angle less than that of the house roof. Eyebrow dormer windows are extremely appealing in the right setting and consist of a curving roof over a wide, low window, they have not got any straight sides. (Tags: Dormer Conversions Stanley, Dormer Windows Stanley, Dormer Loft Conversions Stanley)

Loft Conversion Origins

Converting Lofts Stanley County DurhamThough the idea of a loft conversion might appear to be rather "British", the earliest loft conversions and maybe the initial notions of remodeling such spaces came about in America during the 60's. The precise location for this new building revolution was New York's Soho district, where cool, new living environments were developed by artists, designers and so on in the upper levels of derelict industrial properties. In reality such buildings and areas were not set aside for this purpose, and as such were largely illegal at that time. It wasn't until the early 70's that the city finally legalized this practise, and after this several other areas of New York such as Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Manhattan joined the revolution, and "loft living" was popular for the talented, young and wealthy. In the UK doing a loft conversion is a particularly attractive undertaking in big metropolitan areas like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, where building space is pricey and any means to generate more space without extending the building's footprint is understandably popular.

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